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Tactical Reviews: ClearShot Lens Cleaning Kit

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ClearShot Lens Cleaning Kit

I recently received Charlie King's ClearShot Lens Cleaning Kit. Charlie is a motorcycling enthusiast, who after struggling to find a kit to keep his helmet visor clean, put together the ClearShot. (Charlie's ride to the Arctic Ocean is photo-chronicled here.) As a fellow outdoor enthusiast he saw a need and striking out on his own, has built a great product, and is now marketing it through dealers throughout the United States.

ClearShot Lens Cleaning Components

The ClearShot system puts all of your lens cleaning items in one self contained package. The container is a rigid ABS plastic case, with three separate compartments. Four rubber caps seal the ends securely. The caps are attached, so you can't lose them! If necessary, the caps and tethers will come off and you can paint the ABS flat black, sand, or any other subdued color that suits your needs.

The long compartment contains a small spray bottle of Charlie's proprietary lens cleaning and anti-fog solution. The raspberry colored compound is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for all optic surfaces; this includes glass, mineral glass, plastic, and polycarbonate lenses. The pump sprayer works very well, surprisingly well! I can tell that Charlie put a lot of thought into the whole package.

There are two cloths for cleaning your lens, a blue heavy cleaner, and a white polishing cloth. The Blue cloth is an optical grade microfiber made for coarse cleaning. (Like getting bugs off your visor.) The white polishing cloth is also a microfiber textile, but softer and with a finer weave. It will leave a polished, streak-free finish on the surface on your optics

Here is a word of advice. If your lenses are so dirty that you think you need the blue cloth, wash them with running water. Tip your canteen over and get the grit and grime off first, before you try to use a piece of cloth on it. Then use the blue cloth to dry it. Otherwise you will just damage the surface of your optics and degrade its capabilities. This is especially true of coated optics.

ClearShot Lens Cleaning Spray

Blue Cloth

White Cloth

If it is just a case of fingerprint smudges, fog, or nose oil on your lenses, then a quick spritz, and a wipe down with the polishing cloth will get you back in business again.

It is available in the following colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Silver.

My only suggestion is to take a Sharpie, or an engraving tool, and mark the ends of the tubes with their respective components. Makes it a whole lot easier to determine the contents!

The ClearShot Lens Cleaning Kit is a great little package that is well designed. It is cheap insurance for those optics that frequently cost far more than the rifle they sit on, and for all of your lens cleaning needs.

ClearShot Lens Cleaning Kit
MSRP: $20.00

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Now that is something I can use, seems like it would be worth the $20.00. Great review!