Saturday, May 14, 2011

Desert Tactical Arms and Sniper Country

Real World Precision Shooting Sniper Training

You all might remember my comments on the Desert Tactical Arms SRS and how impressed I was with its portability, ergonomics, and most importantly, accuracy. Both the .308 and the 338 Lapua were remarkable and I cleared the plates at 500 meters without any difficulty.

Me and the DT SRS .308

Now, the President of Desert Tactical Arms Nicholas Young,  has created a school for precision sniper training. See the following:

Sniper Country Grand Opening

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of Sniper Country Training Center. Sniper Country was founded February of 2011, by Nicholas Young, President of Desert Tactical Arms. Sniper Country was created to provide a place for shooters and operators from around the world to come and obtain world-class firearms instruction that incorporates real-life scenarios, induces stress and make you a better fighter not just a better shooter.

About Sniper Country


The 55,000 acre training facility incorporates numerous shooting ranges that take advantage of natural terrain features that include high angle shooting, high altitude ranges, Known and Unknown distance ranges with distances from 25 yards to 3500 yards, moving targets, flat ranges, rock climbing, land navigation, all terrain vehicle training, and in all four weather seasons. And best of all premium lodging and food are provided with every class!


On staff instructors are credentialed US military snipers with real combat experience. The course curricula were developed around their experience as snipers and from real world operations.


Basic, intermediate, and advanced level courses are available so whether you are a novice shooter or a hard-core credentialed sniper you will benefit from the knowledge and experience available at Sniper Country.

How to Sign Up

Courses start May 28, 2011. Please visit the Sniper Country Training website to sign up for classes today!

Sniper Country Training

Kyle Craemer, Former Chief Scout U.S.M.C., General Manager can be reached at