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Tactical Medical Packs: Individual Battle Pack (IBP)

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Individual Battle Pack by Tactical Medical Packs

When I evaluated Tactical Medical Packs' Tac-Packs and Tac-Pack QC, I was really surprised how far we had come with trauma kits. I was trained to use a compress and a cravat, that was the extent of the technology. Tactical Medical Packs' Individual Battle Pack (IBP) takes it to the next level in portable trauma kits.

The IBP was designed to fit in the cargo pocket of the BDU or ACU. It is approximately 6 1/2 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 2 inches thick.

It comes in two flavors:

Option One:
  • Latex-Free Gloves
  • Compression Bandage
  • TK-4 One Handed Tourniquet
  • Chest Seal
  • Combat Medic Pre-Cut Rolled Duct Tape
  • 50gr. Quick-Clot.
  • Compressed Gauze 4.1 yds
  • Medical 5.25" Scissors
Option one is for anyone who is reasonably intelligent and can use common sense to resolve an emergency. Failing that there are thorough instruction written on the back. Remember, protect yourself with the personal protection equipment, apply direct pressure, if that doesn't work use the Quick Clot, and if that fails proceed to use the tourniquet.

Option Two:

Battle Pack Option II
  • Latex-Free Gloves
  • Compression Bandage
  • TK-4 One Handed Tourniquet
  • Chest Seal
  • Combat Medic Pre-Cut Rolled Duct Tape
  • 50gr. Quick-Clot.
  • Compressed Gauze 4.1 yds
  • Medical 5.25" Scissors
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway w/Lubricant
  • 10 Gauge Angio-Catheter
Option Two is for trained emergency personnel only. The nasopharyngeal airway is not for the amateur medic, nor is the 10 gauge angio catheter.

It is worth repeating that Dr Maurizio A. Miglietta has put together a guide to help you understand what you need to do to save a life:

One last thing. It is better to have an item and never use it, than to need it and not have it. Every first responder should have immediate access to these lifesaving tools. With the state of affairs that we have found ourselves in, you can never be too prepared. Take a course in first aid, or find the assets on the internet to give you more than passing knowledge in lifesaving.

Previous reviews on Tactical Medical Pack's Tac-Pack and Tac-Pack QC and The Range Reviews: Tac-Pack First Aid Packs

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Individual Battle Pack I
MSRP: $104.99
Individual Battle Pack II
MSRP: 129.99

Tuff Products Quick Strips

When I head out with my Vaquero, I usually toss another handful of my homebrew +P 45LC rounds in my pocket. I use 320gr Cast Performance LBTs over 21.5 grains of Hodgden H110 powder fired off with Federal magnum primers. That load isn't for the meek or faint of heart. If I got into a gunfight with a cape buffalo, it would be a toss up if I would want my Ruger #1 in 458WM, or the Vaquero stoked to the gills with the LBTs.

I have frequently thought that there must be a better way to carry extra rounds in a neat and orderly manner. Trying to pull loose rounds from your jeans when you're in a hurry doesn't work all that well.

Tuff Products Quick Strips

Fortunately, Tuff™ has produced a series of "Quick Strips" in a variety of cartridge head sizes. They hold the cartridge securely but allow the cartridge to pop free with a minimum of effort.

Quick Strips are available in:
  • Ten round 22 rimfire, which will hold 17, 5mm, 22 short or long rifle, and 22 magnum.
  • Eight round 32 caliber, that not only carries the 32 S&W to the 32 Magnum, but 30 carbine and 22 Hornet also.
  • There is the six round 38 Caliber for 38 special and 357 magnum.
  • The 44 caliber Quick Strip holds six rounds of all the 44s, all the 45s, the 454, 460, and 410 shotgun.
  • The 50 holds 500 Linbaugh sized case heads.

I filled up several of the Quick Strips and put them in my pants pockets, jacket pocket, the Mrs' purse, and I also used the Tuff™ Quick Strip Pouch. I found that pistol cartridges fared very well in the Quick Strips carried in my pockets. The 30 Carbine and 22 Hornet lost a round or two when I would pull it from my jeans. In jackets or coats the Quick Strips held their cartridges firmly.

The Mrs reports that she didn't lose any rounds to the unfathomable depths of the purse. I found that very surprising, as any money that goes in there is irrevocably lost, never to be seen again. Kudus to Tuff™ and their Quick Strips!

S&W M10 and Tuff Products Quick Strips

With a S&W M10, I found that, with practice, I could load two rounds at a time quickly and with little difficulty. Pulling the strip from the belt pouches was easy. Like everything else in life, if you are going to stake your life on it, practice, practice, practice.

Quick Strip Single Strip Pouch

The Nylon pouches are well made and hold the strips and cartridges securely. It wraps around belts up to two inches wide. It is stitched at the bottom to create a small pouch where you can stash another couple of rounds, or a small item you may deem necessary.

Quick Strip Double Strip Nylon Pouch

Overall, I consider the Tuff™ series of "Quick Strips" a great accessory for a variety of shooters. If you are a wheel gun fan, but don't want or need the bulk of speed loaders, this is a viable alternative. Hunters can carry extra rounds in a convenient fashion, keeping them clean and close at hand. A quick perusal of Cartridges of the World will determine which cartridges will also fit in the Quick Strips.

Tuff™ Products

Quick Strips
MSRP: $8.49

Tuff™ Single Quick Strip Pouch

MSRP: $19.99

Tuff™ Double Quick Strip Pouch
MSRP: $22.99