Thursday, March 11, 2010

North American Arms NAA Guardian .32NAA

NAA Reintroduces Guardian Pistols in 32NAA and 25NAA 

North American Arms is pleased to announce the reintroduction of the Guardian pistols designed to chamber NAA's proprietary bottle-necked cartridges, the 32NAA (380ACP case) and the 25NAA (32ACP case). "Our new manufacturing capability has enabled us to assure our customers of regular production and a timely supply this popular platform," explained NAA's President, Sandy Chisholm.

"As personal protection specialists, we felt it was our role to pioneer this important development to create a new benchmark in extreme high-performance handgun ballistics. We were supported in this task by Ed Sanow, editor of Law Enforcement magazine and a recognized ballistics expert, as well as the team at Cor-Bon, a company whose brand is synonymous with high performance ammunition," Chisholm added.

The 32NAA is a new cartridge/firearm 'system' designed and developed by the partnership of North American Arms and Cor-Bon Ammunition. In essence, the cartridge is based on a 380 case, which is necked-down to hold a smaller 32 bullet. The benefit is a remarkable gain in ballistic performance (below).

As an example, the 32NAA cartridge pushes a 60 gr. Hornady bullet in excess of 1200 feet per second from the 2.5" Guardian barrel, generating almost 200 ft. lbs. of energy. It's not a 45 ACP, but serious students will find that compares very favorably with virtually any ammo/gun combination in the pocket pistol category.The 32NAA produces more velocity, more energy and more stopping power than any conventional jacketed lead hollow point (JHP) 32 ACP, 380 ACP or 380 ACP (+P) with 15% less recoil (Power Factor) than the (+P). It also penetrated 8.3" of Gelatin after passing through four (4) layers of denim, expanding to a .55" mushroom with a retained weight of 100%.

* Corbon brand, box of 20, 60 Grain JHP Cartridges for $11.00
* Corbon brand, box of 50, 71 Grain FMJ Performance Match Cartridges for $24.00


*Caliber: .32 NAA
*Magazine Capacity: 6+1
*Operation: Double Action Only
*Material: 17-4 pH stainless steel
*Barrel Length: 2.49"
*Height: 3.53"
*Overall Length: 4.75"
*Width: 0.930"
*Weight: 18.72 ozs. unloaded
*Suggested Retail Price: $449.00
*Trigger Pull: 10.0 LBS.

Full specifications and test information can be found at North American Arms.

Media Contact:
Ken Friel
General Manager
North American Arms
2150 South 950 East
Provo, Ut 84606
Ph: 800-821-5783


Carol said...

Ammo for the 32NAA pistol is very difficult and expensive to find. I've owned this gun for 5 years now and can never find practice ammo to shoot with. Also, have never seen the JHP fro $11 anywhere including the Cor-Bon website. If I can't shoot it, I can't rely on it. Nice gun and shoots well, but without ammo it's useless

Albert A Rasch said...


Thank you very much for the sit-rep! It seems that a lot of the pocket pistol ammo is scarce these days, and with the proprietary brands even worse!

I like the cartridge concept, but I wouldn't buy the firearms without a 250 rounds, and reloading dies and components.

45auto and 9MM are pretty ubiquitous rounds, found almost anywhere. But proprietary rounds are tougher to find, especially when you need them!

Thanks again,

kanzenkai13 said...

The ammo is avx from NAA directly (call them at the number listed on their website) for the prices listed $11JHP/$24FMJ. That's the only place I've ever ordered from and I'm always able to get whatever quantities I want, though I generally only order a few boxes of each at a time.