Thursday, April 22, 2010

Operational Security: OPSEC a Primer

How to Maintain Operational Security

James G, editor of Death Valley Magazine has posted an excellent Operational Security primer for those that are going into threat theaters.

EXPAT SURVIVAL: OPSEC For NGO’s and Humanitarian Aid groups

"What these people don’t realize is any half descent photo intelligence guy can not only pinpoint there exact location based on the vegetation and topography in the background – he has put himself and anyone working or traveling with him on a shit-list. Or even worse, they may have endangered the very people they are supposed to be helping."

It's a great read, and filled with important tips.

I highly recommend Death Valley Magazine to all tactical personnel, operators, ex-pats, NGO employees, contractors, and anyone else going places most people would rather not!

Best Regards,
Albert Rasch

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